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Scorpion Arresting Systems was founded in 1993, after noticing an opportunity for a vehicle arresting systems  which didn’t need a massive amount of work for pre-installation, whilst also being value for money and extremely effective.

Since then the systems have been used in numerous locations around the UK, including the 2002 Commonwealth games and 2012 Olympic Games.

It has been used against local fly tipping and the protection of parks, gardens and against so called “joy riders”. Aside from these “civilian” applications they have also been deployed by the military, H.M. Prison Service and high profile Government buildings across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Our systems post the Scorpion MK1 testing are now tested to the highest levels of British Standard BS PAS 68. When the Scorpion Systems were introduced they showed a revolutionary development beyond what was available on the market, not only on cost of systems but in its relative simplicity in installation and deployment, not requiring planning notices are permissions

Scorpion H0021

The Scorpion H0021 surface mounted vehicle barrier is British Design and British Manufacture, using British Steel and has been tested under British Standards to PAS 68 test conditions, withstanding an impact from 1.5 tonne car at a speed of 32kph/ 20 mph.There was zero penetration, with the vehicle actually rebounding 6 metres, the barrier was undamaged and re-usable after the test.

Based on the speed hump concept the Scorpion provides both a security barrier and traffic calming measure in one device.
The Scorpion H0021 device can be used as single or multiple unit installation, quick to install with minimum preparatory works.  Systems can be RENTED if required

Scorpion J003

The Scorpion J003 is our most powerful system to date, with the highest stopping power of the Scorpion, 3.5 ton @ 30mph       The Scorpion can be deployed as either a temporary or permanent fixture and comes in manual or power operated versions.  No foundations are required, just a suitable base to which the base can be bolted. Solar power is available if required with tropical conversions for overseas installations.

In the manual version the blocking plate can be raised and lowered by one person.  The powered version comes with a hydraulic power unit run from a single phase supply.The barrier control will interface with any access control and vehicle management system including systems already installed.

The Scorpion J003s Surface mounted vehicle barrier has been tested under BSPAS 68 test conditions withstanding an impact from a 3.5 ton truck at a speed of 30 mph. with Zero penetration,

Under test conditions and at the LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES the MK3 achieved 1200 units/movements per day per system in a 16 hour period, never achieved by other systems of this category. With 6 systems in operation this achieved a clearing of an incredible 7,200 vehicles, in one day without a single need for a break in operations,

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