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  • Installation • Supply

    Network Rail

    80 Scorpion T-Bar Systems Secure unmanned railway property. Prevent Theft and unauthorised access. No incursions recorded. Still...

  • Installation • Supply

    The Co-operative

    5 Scorpion T-Bar Systems – Prevent ‘ram raids’ and unauthorised Vehicular access to the premises when closed. No incursions...

  • Installation • Supply

    Bradford Council

    30 Scorpion T-Bar Systems   Stop anti-social behaviour during park closure times. Reduced incidents of fly-tipping. No...

  • Installation • Supply

    Calderdale Council

    Supplied 30 Scorpion T-Bar Systems – Primarily stop vehicle Accessing parks & gardens. Then extended to stopping...

  • Installation • Supply

    HM Prison Service

    Cover for rear entrance to prevent unwanted access during royal visit. No incursions recorded. Still in use....