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Under Vehicle Surveillance VehicleScan provides the best option for security professionals to identify foreign objects concealed under vehicles. Vehicle Scan provides a fast, safe and effective method to scan underneath vehicles.  It constitutes a major enhancement to your security portfolio – offering stand off identification of suspicious items/objects attached to vehicles, with minimal impact upon vehicle flow through control points. 

  • Single seamless image
  • Complete coverage
  • Full colour image
  • High resolution shows fine detail


VehicleScan systems are installed worldwide protecting a wide variety of sites. We understand that every site has specific security needs and we are able to tailor a system to meet your unique requirements.



vehiclescanOne of the biggest factors of vehicle security at airports is speed of inspection. High-volume airports around the world rely on staff, catering, and engineering vehicles arriving airside on time. A static VehicleScan system on multiple vehicle lanes, with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), will enable an airport to check each vehicle faster and more thoroughly, ensuring the facility can operate at the highest possible capacity. The databasing capability of the system will also link into the airport’s existing vehicle database to make sure every vehicle on site is authorised to enter.

Border Security

Border security can vary widely from country to country and even from site to site. In many instances, stopping vehicles at these points is inefficient, so they must be scanned quickly and thoroughly.  A static VehicleScan on multiple lanes gives the most efficient method of clearing vehicles for crossing, and extra CCTV linked into the system will give the site a greater situational awareness.

Event Security

VehicleScan has been protecting high profile events for many years. It has been deployed at Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup tournaments, Pan-American Games, and G20 summits. The key to event security is installing a temporary under vehicle scanning system that can be rapidly deployed and operated easily. The mobile VehicleScan can be deployed in just 20 minutes, and uses the same simple to use software as the static system.

Site Access Security Benefits

vehlclescan2The VehicleScan system is an effective way to combat security issues presented by vehicles carrying suspicious items attached to the underside, where investigation and identification is difficult.

High vehicle throughput – VehicleScan provides image scans in real- time, and with a typical throughput speed of 18 mph (30 kph) vehicles are not unduly delayed. VehicleScan is suitable for any vehicle, including cars, motorbikes, articulated lorries, coaches, vehicles with trailers, and even trains.

Static or mobile deployments – VehicleScan can be supplied in either static or mobile configurations. The static system is a permanent deployment and is installed on or below the road surface. The mobile system is a rapidly deployable portable version integrated into a heavy- duty rubber ramp assembly.

Image quality – VehicleScan gives the highest resolution images of any under-vehicle scanning system, so you have the best possible image of the underside of the vehicle. The line-scanning, full colour camera technology provides operators with the best opportunity to identify foreign objects.

Systems integration – The VehicleScan software is incredibly versatile, and can be adapted to work with any CCTV suite, or command and control software. VehicleScan can even be integrated with your own security network to allow more advanced data aggregation.

Vehicle details – using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), VehicleScan maintains a detailed database of vehicles on site. VehicleScan will compare every scan with a previous image of that vehicle, and alert the operator to changes on its underside. 100% coverage – unlike the ‘mirror on a stick’ approach which typically does not allow the operator to get a clear view of a vehicle’s centre section, VehicleScan gives a complete view of the underside. Safety – VehicleScan can be operated remotely from anywhere on a site. Not only is this incredibly convenient from a staffing perspective, but in situations where explosives are a threat, it removes the operator from danger.

Easy to use – the user interface is easy to use and can be configured to operate in a number of languages.

Installation, training & support – Our installation and training team has been working with security systems and integrators for many years, and will set up, configure, and train any number of users. Updates to the system software can be delivered remotely, so you will always have the most cutting-edge system available at your site.

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